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By E.P.I.C.TalkShow HEROICIS Shows (other events)

10 Dates Through Sep 04, 2021

The Art of Living be in the Art of you.

The LOVE walk by Christina J . HEROICIS Shows ™

In the Art that in the Celebration that of LIFE and LOVE.

The Art that to Celebration to Celebrate LIFE LOVE requires you being Present in your Present.

The E.P.I.C.TalkShow Network Team and Christina J . HEROICIS Shows ™ World renowned Broadcasting, Media, Film and Entertainment House, Platforms, Broadcasting Channels, Networks and SEO's serve you with an Era scope in International Universal Entertainment.

Bringing together Tribes, Nations, Generations, Cultures, History in our Modern Millennium Millennia.

Broadcasts launch 2020 on September 2020

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Kindly ready yourself for these Christina J HEROICIS Shows ™ filmed live Celebrations.

by tending these Celebrations you agree by walking through the door that you grant consent to be filmed and possibly seen by uncountable amounts of beings.

Hence had you not want to be filmed, kindly DO NOT purchase nor accept a ticket for the Christina J HEROICIS Shows ™ there be no compansasion nor sex favors nor money to be paid to you for being captured present on camera film and digital at any and all of the Christina J HEROICIS Shows ™ live Celebrations across the World, Planet Earth.

Requirements: RESPECT. 

Had you not to like the hardcore truth kindly don't bother pitching.

You that love LIFE LOVE and RESPECT the hardcore truth find yourself a welcomed guest of honor at the table of Christina J HEROICIS Shows ™ the HARDCORE TRUTH International Universal, World renowned EPICA Celebration Shows.

Thank you kindly.

Your host in Epic Truth, Christina J HEROICIS Shows ™

All Right Reserved.© A R I P production with the ETSNT. Millennium Millennia 20&19 to Era & Decades.



There are no restrictions other than your approval or disapproval to be filmed at the Christina J . HEROICIS Shows ™ EPICA Shows in HARCORE TRUTH live filmed Celebration of LIFE and LOVE Episodes.

By purchasing a ticket or accepting a gift ticket and walking through the doors at the Christina J . HEROICIS Shows ™ a live filmed Celebration Show with an International Universal reach sphere you agree that you understood and understand that there be no compansation to be paid in any current and future event hosted at the EPICA Christina J . HEROICIS Shows ™ HARDCORE TRUTH to you not in sex nor in money or any form which and whatsoever in any timezone on either all and both sides of the Greenwich timeline including the Artic reach and her waters her ice floor known as, Antarctica.

Note: Identification as you have it. • No access to entry without your hardcore Truth ID. • There be only 1 of each kindly remember your • GOV Confirmation whether it be Drivers License, Identification Book, Passport to Confirm that's your Purchased ticket.

• VISA confirmation for foreign travellers confirm your entry to your Purchased ticket.

That's a Wrap !

Note in high Flight: for the Teams, Groups at 10 People purchasing a once of ARTICWATERS ticket kindly email your name shortlist to [email protected] with your reference to include the host of your table, the person whom purchased the ticket.

You will receive an email from [email protected] to confirm your party of 10 and your confirmation to your accommodation and chauffeur.